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By On March 5th, 2013

Left-Sided Brain Injury May Increase Risk Of Hospital Acquired Infection

New findings published in the March issue of Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation could have incredible implications for immune defense research, infection control practices, and rehabilitation strategies for stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. Kessler researchers Pasquale Frisina, PhD, Ann Kutlik, BA, and A.M. Barrett, MD, said in their study, “Left-sided brain injury associated…


By On December 12th, 2012

Diabetes Drug May Reduce Damage From Strokes

A drug already on the market has been shown to reduce brain damage after strokes in patients with type 2 diabetes. Currently, the only available treatment to decrease the consequences of a stroke is thrombolysis, a chemical that dissolves blood clots in vessels of the brain when quickly administered. However, as Science Codex reports, linagliptin,…


By On November 30th, 2012

Popular Supplement Shows No Benefits in Tests

The road to a consistent brain injury treatment faces another setback after a major study has found that a supplement the U.S. military had hoped would help wounded troops offers zero benefits. The supplement is already available online and in stores, marketed as a memory booster. It has also been employed across the globe to…


By On October 18th, 2012

Oklahoma Man Shows a Stroke Can’t Stop Him

Gary Farnum used to be brilliant. He was the head of the family, a high performing Chesapeake Energy attorney, and he was in great shape from endurance bicycling. He also had a great vocabulary. In one moment, that Gary disappeared and was replaced with someone who relied on others for even the most basic things.…


By On October 11th, 2012

Stroke Drug Discovered By Toronto Doctor

After more than 1,000 tries by many scientists, 15 years of work have paid off for a Toronto doctor who has created a drug that could limit brain damage during strokes. “NA-1” is a neuroprotectant drug created by Dr. Michael Tymianski that can diminish damage caused by reduced blood flow to the brain during a…

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