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By On December 20th, 2018

Non-concussive head impacts may still cause vision problems

One of the least recognized but perhaps most disruptive symptoms after a concussion is vision impairment. While some experience difficulty focusing their eyes after a brain injury, others say they can’t stand to be around harsh lights. However, it appears it may not require a full-on clinical concussion to cause vision issues. A new study…


By On April 27th, 2018

Are “headers” worse than hits?

When it comes to brain injuries in sports, you’d think it is the big collisions you need to watch out for. However, a growing body of evidence suggests the smaller bumps – like “heading” a soccer ball – may be more dangerous. A new report, published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, looked specifically at…


By On November 30th, 2016

The Fight for High School Football

The fight over high school football is ongoing, after all it’s the American sport. The reality is that the American sport exposing athletes to high risks of brain injury which may not appear until later in life. We know how boxing has lost it’s fan base and we readily acknowledge the risk of that sport, but somehow football remains immune from players, parents, coaches, fans and school officials accepting the risks of football.


By On June 6th, 2014

Pennsylvania School Bans Soccer Headers For Younger Players

The brain injury problem in sports largely focuses on concussions, but the recent research suggests that mild traumatic brain injuries like concussions aren’t the only cause of the long-term brain damage being found in many older athletes. It is quickly being found that so-called “sub-concussive hits” or repeated hits that do not cause clinically diagnosable…


By On May 20th, 2014

Soccer and the Sub-Concussive Hits Silently Destroying The Brain

Football receives most of the attention lately when it comes to athletics-related traumatic brain injuries, but the latest findings from studies focused on another sport may give a greater reason to be alarmed. Football is under heavy scrutiny for the high rates of traumatic brain injuries within the sport and their presumed association with the…


By On July 22nd, 2013

An Objective Way To Measure The Risk of Brain Injury

We know that high-impact sports athletes are at a high risk for brain injury, but there has never been much of an objective way to identify the actual risk these players face, especially from repeated so called “sub-concussive” hits. Scientists from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has changed this with a metric referred to as…


By On March 7th, 2013

Sub-Concussive Hits Are Causing Serious Brain Damage

It is no secret that the NFL has a brain injury problem. The issue has been covered by pretty much every major new source, and high profile deaths and suicides linked to repeated brain damage has kept the topic at the forefront of sports and health discussions. All this time, the finger has been pointed…

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