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By On September 15th, 2016

Do Higher Altitudes Reduce Concussion Risk? This Study Says No

While recent research has shed a great deal of light onto the mechanisms underlying concussions, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding the common brain injuries. A new study set out to dispel one such misleading claim that playing sports at higher altitudes reduces athletes’ risk of concussions. As the findings published this month…


By On July 11th, 2016

Youth Concussions Jump Over 500% In Just Four Years

Concussion awareness and educations across the country seem to be making headway as more youth and sports-related concussions are being diagnosed. In fact, concussion diagnoses went up 500% from just 2010 to 2014, according to data from FAIR Health, an independent, national nonprofit. In most cases, such an increase in injuries in emergency rooms and…


By On December 13th, 2014

Survey Finds One in Six Ontario Adults Have Experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury

A new survey finds nearly 17 percent of adults in Ontario report having experienced a traumatic brain injury that left them unconscious for five minutes or required overnight hospitalization, according to a report published in Journal of Neurotrauma. The rates found in the survey are comparable with rates of substance abuse, cigarette smoking, and psychological…

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