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By On May 12th, 2016

Age Differences Influence Concussion Impact Says New Report

Young football players are more likely to return to athletics less than a day after experiencing a concussion compared to those in high school or college-level athletics, according to a study published recently in JAMA Pediatrics. Younger athletes are at higher risk for concussions with longer recovery times and more severe symptoms, but the new…


By On October 29th, 2014

Dr. Robert Cantu Talks On Brain Injuries In Youth Soccer

Dr. Robert Cantu is widely considered on of the nation’s top experts on concussions and brain trauma, especially within youth sports. As the chief of neurosurgery at Emerson Hospital and co-director of Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, Cantu has regularly pushed for greater safety practices in youth football and other sports.…


By On May 6th, 2013

Most High School Athletes Won’t Report Concussion Symptoms

It has long been understood that self-reporting is a terrible diagnostic method for brain injury, but until recently there were few other ways to go about identifying possible brain injuries. For athletes, the biggest reason self-reporting doesn’t work as a diagnostic method is simply that players would rather stay in the game than report a possible injury. According to…

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