By On October 9th, 2012

To Better Know Your Kids, Get To Know Their Handwriting

A person’s handwriting could reveal more to experts than a ten-minute conversation. Sheila Lowe, a forensic handwriting expert, tells Maria Scott of the Ventura County Star, that “it’s a frozen picture of your psyche.”

Lowe claims that handwriting can reveal a traumatic injury in a person’s past. It can also reveal behavioral information about a child.

Even simply practicing cursive writing create neural pathways to the brain, according to Lowe. This can help children with language acquisition, self-discipline and other skills. Cursive excersises are particularly helpful for children with learning disorders.

“It helps improve their reading levels, and it really has some amazing effects because the self-discipline that is developed on the left side of the brain counteracts the stuff on the right side of the brain like with video games and TV and all the things that are bombarding kids on the right side of the brain,” Lowe said. 


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