By On November 2nd, 2012

New Cap Provides Real Time Feedback On Head Impacts

Reebok and MC10, a startup from Massachusetts, have a new, easy way to measure impacts to the head in the form of an unobtrusive skullcap filled with sensors and stretchy electronics that can be worn alone, or under a helmet.

The cap was announced October 24th, but won’t be fully revealed to the public until next year. What they did tell us, was the product includes multiple kinds of sensors and LED readouts colored red, yellow, and green, to help coaches and parents judge the severity of an impact.

As well as providing real-time feedback for adults, the device will also help with collecting data for researchers and surveys. The CEO of MC10, David Icke, said, “clearly there is a big absence of data out there. Head injuries and head impacts are pervasive in sports – and it’s very difficult to know what happened out on the field. Only a few of the total number of incidents are witnessed by somebody.”

The device may not be available soon, but it hopes to provide an affordable and diverse product for youth athletes and pros alike.

David Talbot, from Technology Review has more from the announcement.


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