By On November 28th, 2012

Resting State MRI May Help Diagnose TBI

Resting state functional MR imaging could be a new tool for diagnosing traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to findings by Yulin Ge, MD, from the NYU School of Medicine and colleagues.

According to their research, mild TBI disrupts the brain’s “default mode” in a way which can be observed on functional MRI. The test subjects, when compared to normal control patients, showed reduced connectivity in some areas, as well as heightened connectivity in other areas, which are associated with depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

The raise in connectivity in certain areas suggests the brain tries to heal itself after a traumatic injury, but after extended periods, the rise in stress on areas of the brain unprepared for it can lead to dysfunction later on.

Med Page Today reported the news of the findings, which were published in the December issue of Radiology.


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