By On December 17th, 2012

Dr. Michael Whalen Speaks About The Current State of TBI

Dr. Michael Whalen, MD PhD is the HMS associate professor of pediatrics at Massachusetts General Hospital, who has also spent his time studying traumatic brain injury and treatment for the condition. He sat down with Ravi Parikh from Medgadget to discuss the current state of TBI treatment and infrared light treatments he is working on at the moment.

During his interview he covers his background, and also speaks about how he helped develop membrane “resealing agents” that restore blood brain barriers after injury. Throughout the course of the interview, Whalen helps paint a picture of not just the current state of TBI, but they vastly open future of treatment for the condition.

The difficulties facing TBI researchers right now are numerous, and for every complication there numerous teams of researchers working to solve the problems. Still, his statements in many ways become part of the refrain we hear from almost all scientists in this field; we need way more research to understand TBI before we can really begin working to treat it.

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