By On December 19th, 2012

Prof. Valery Feigin Talks Traumatic Brain Injury

Professor Valery Feigin is Professor and Director of the National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences, at the AUT University of Aukland. He recently did an interview with April Cashin-Garbutt for News Medical, about his recent research on TBI.

Beyond providing people with a very nice and simple explanation of TBI, his statements also reveal some very interesting recent findings. Most notably, men are at a 77 percent higher chance of sustaining brain injury than women.

Also, while some have reported that the highest incidence of brain injury came from elderly people and falls, Professor Feigin’s research shows that 70 percent of all brain injuries actually occur in people under 35, though falls are the most common cause.

Feigin explains everything clearly and in easy to understand ways. I highly advise reading his interview.

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