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Less Children Die From TBI When Treated By Aggressive Program

According to Washington University in St. Louis researchers, children with traumatic brain injury (TBI) are significantly more likely to survive and avoid long-term disabilities when treated aggressively as part of a designated neurocritical care program. The plan unites neurologists, neurosurgeons, trauma and other critical-care specialists as part of an intensive and multifaceted care program.

The findings have been published in The Lancet Neurology. The study was led by Jose A. Pineda, MD, and neurosurgeon Jeffery R. Leonard, as well as Allan Doctor, MD, who is chief of pediatric critical care at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Out of 123 cases of children with severe TBI, roughly half (63 out of 123 patients)were examined before the program was put in place, and the rest were followed after the program was inacted. Out of those 63 patients being treated before the system, 33 either died or were admitted to long-term care facilities after leaving the hospital. However, only 20 out of 60 children treated by the program had that outcome.

The Washington University Newsroom has any other details you may want about the study, and how it may affect treatment in the future.

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