By On December 28th, 2012

Comprehensive TBI Information Added To AgingFit.com

The leading website for health AgingFit.com has added a section for traumatic brain injury information to its list of health advice and guidelines. They are hoping to do their part to bring awareness to TBI and how frequently it goes undiagnosed. They cover the signs and symptoms associated with the injury, as well as offering resources for sufferers.

Glen Greenbaum, a representative for AgingFit.com told The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, “As we continue to develop the site into a premier online health resource, this type of information will benefit an increasing number of trauma victims. While everyone may understand that brain injuries are to be avoided, we hope to bring more awareness of the severity of the issue.”

Most notably, they offer suggestions on avoiding TBI, because they believe “education is one of the keys to avoiding a damage to the brain,” according to Greenbaum. I, for one, welcome any new sources of TBI information put out there.

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