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After Brain Injury,One Man Has Gone From Coma To Climbing Wall

After getting hit by a car while walking home from a friend’s house, James Edwards’s parents were left wondering if they would ever see their son smile at them again. At the age of 16, Edwards was deeply comatose, and no doctor could predict what would happen to him.

He is still limited, but over the past five years, James Edwards has gone from living on a life-support system for three months, to training at a climbing center. Compared to similar accidents, James’s recovery is nothing short of miraculous.

After being on life-support, James lived at a specialist rehabilitation hospital, where he began working hard to try to rebuild his life. According to Wales Online, the main drive for James was to regain his mobility, however he is still unable to use his left side. Not that he lets it stop him from smiling down at his career from a rock wall.

James’s prospects weren’t bright after his accident, but he has worked to relearn everything. Initially unable to speak after the accident, James is now social and charismatic. Everyone from the climbing center praises his attitude and personality, and looking at pictures of him climbing, you would never know he is disabled.


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