By On January 11th, 2013

Cyclist With Brain Injury Asks For Harsher Penalty For Driver

While football and fighting in the wars abroad are the most talked about causes of traumatic brain injury in the United States, there are plenty of more common ways a person can incur TBI. Falling and car accidents are two of the most frequent causes of brain injury, and bicycling is highly dangerous for your brain, even when wearing a helmet.

A recent accident in Australia shows just how badly someone can be injured while cycling. According to News.com.au, Andrew Dick was out riding near his home in August when he was hit by John Rainbow, who was driving a silver Ford station wagon. Dick came off of his bike, and cracked the car’s windshield with his body.

Andrew spent five months in hospitals recovering from collarbone and sternal fractures, but his brain injury has taken much longer to recover from. It has taken years for Dick to learn to walk again and be independent. He still cannot work, and has received no compensation for the accident.

John Rainbow, the driver who hit Mr. Dick, was given the highest penalty possible for the accident, but considering the serious nature of the injuries, Andrew and his partner, Gloria Vesty, feel that the law should allow for a more serious penalty. The most serious penalty possible through the law currently in the magistrate they live in is a $400 fine. Considering someone nearly died, I agree with Dick and his partner. There should be higher consequences when a driver is responsible for destroying a cyclist’s life.

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