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British Boxer’s Career Over At 22 Thanks To Brain Injury

I recently wrote about the number of boxers who receive a traumatic brain injury during their careers. 90-percent of all boxers will deal with TBI at some point. They just hope it will be later rather than sooner. One British boxer wasn’t so lucky, however, and at the age of 22, his career has been ended by brain damage.

Kieran Farrell collapsed following a fight against Anthony Crolla in December, and he was rushed to the hospital where he was found to have bleeding on the brain. If he fights again, it could likely mean death.

“I will never box again,” Farrell said on Twitter. “The next punch to my head could be fatal.”

According to the Daily Mail, Farrell also said, “I asked if I had a 4-year-long break, would I be able to box?” The doctor then explained that no amount of time will heal the damage already done. “I was expecting the worst but it’s worse when it’s told to you, I’m heartbroken. I need a few days to get my head round it.”

Sadly, Farrell’s story is not all that rare in boxing. Plenty of young healthy people are cut down before they reach fame because of one injury. For boxers, that injury isn’t a matter of if, but when it will occur.

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