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Troy Adams’ Run Across Canada For TBI Was Just The Start

Troy Adams Running

People struggling with traumatic brain injury and the long lasting side effects from it find hope in areas you might not ever imagine.

After a car wreck in 2003, Troy Adams dealt with memory loss, depression, and anxiety. Adams struggled for years, unsure of how to keep growing and achieve something meaningful after his crash. Finally, three years ago, he finally found something that offers him relief from the anxiety and confusion that plagued him. Adams found running.

“My thoughts are always jumbled when I’m just sitting around.… There are too many of them But when I’m running, I can pick through them. It’s like instead of being wild in a field, you put a fence up. It hasn’t cured me by any means, but it’s my drug of choice. It’s my therapy,” Adams told Metro News writer Todd Devlin.

It took hard work and time, but gradually Adams kept pushing himself. Devlin describes his drive saying, “Once he was able to run 10 kilometers, he tried to run 15. Once he did 15, he tried for 20.”

After finding that running helps him deal with his problems from traumatic brain injury, Adams realized he could use running as a way to raise awareness and provide support for others like himself struggling with TBI. He created the Troy’s Run Foundation in late 2011, and last year ran across Canada, running a minimum of 40 kilometers (almost 25 miles) a day to spread awareness.

“We’re really focused on creating hope for tomorrow and displaying that,” Adams said. “The foundation is for survivors, for their families and for people in the community. We’re all affected by brain injury in one way or another, whether we know it or not.”

Adams has much larger plans than his first trek across Canada. He is currently running in “ultra-marathons” and his next big journey will cover northern Canada, from Yukon, to Nunavut, and he is trying to grow Troy’s Run Foundation and work with other brain injury organizations to provide even more support.

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