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DoD Speaks On PTSD And TBI Treatment Plan

Capt. Paul S. Hammer

The Defense Department seems to be doubling down on making sure veterans and soldiers returning home are getting the mental health care they need.

On January 15th, a top DoD health official told a Pentagon task force that determining the impact of mental health programs across the military will be a major project for the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury for this year.

“Our job is to make the system better so that our service members, their families and veterans get better care,” said Navy Capt. Paul S. Hammer, the director of the DCoE, while speaking to the Recovering Warrior Task Force. That task force is assigned to provide DOD with advice on “managing care for post-traumatic stress disorder and TBI.”

According to the press release issued by the Department of Defense, they are collaborating with the Veterans Affairs Department to “shape policies and programs with a long term impact on returning warriors, during military¬†service¬†and after transition to civilian life.”

With the number of soldiers dealing with TBI and PTSD, every step the government takes to ensure their continuous care is a good move. They are calling for increased screening and referral of service members suspected of having TBI or PTSD, as well as improved access to good health care.

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