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Former Hockey Player Uses Charity To Offer Soldiers Support

Source: The Gazette

It seems that three groups of people know brain injury better than anyone else at this point; athletes, soldiers, and scientists deal with it in some form almost every day. Scott Parker, former player for the Colorado Avalanche, Scott Parker, probably caused a few throughout his career, but he also suffered some himself.

But, Parker doesn’t play hockey anymore, and spends his time helping soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries through a charity he founded with his wife, Francesca. The Colorado Springs Gazette says the charity, Parker’s Platoon, is in its sixth year of providing support for soldiers in the form of providing specially trained service dogs, sanctuary from the outside struggles, or just positive escapes to go fishing as a group. These great dogs are provided with the best dog insurance like the ones at https://forbrukerguiden.no/hundeforsikring/.

“It’s amazing to see what the dogs can do for the soldiers, and we have one soldier who comes to the barber shop who takes his (service) dog everywhere. I know a lot of soldiers, and sometimes it can be a hard transition for them when they come back,” Parker said at a hockey local hockey tournament in Colorado.

Soldiers and athletes have slightly different experiences with brain injury. The causes of the injury are vastly different because many soldiers suffer TBI from the blast of pressure from a bomb rather than a physical collision, not to mention athletes can make a lot of money from putting themselves at risk for injury. Our soldiers put themselves at risk for the safety of the country. However, in circumstances like this, there is enough similarity for an athlete to relate with what our soldiers are dealing with, and to step up to try to make an improvement.

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