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Former NFL Players Promote Upcoming TBI Detection Cap


Last year I wrote about a product designed by Reebok and Massachusetts based company MC10 which was intended to help diagnose brain injuries in football players through a skullcap laced with sensors and strategically placed LED lights which indicate if there has been a possibly injury causing collision.

Well according to SB Nation that product is being released this spring and it has a well known spokesman thanks to former Tennessee Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and former linebacker Isaiah Kacyvenski. The CheckLight is intended to be worn under helmets, and would be able to be used for any other contact sport, though the focus on football is clear.

Both players suffered brain injury through their careers, Kecyvenski endured an average of one concussion a year through his seven years in the NFL, which he credits as his inspiration to promote the CheckLight.

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  1. Very interesting Paul. Many law firms here in San Diego are taking cases against the NFL by ex-players for head injuries sustained during their career. I’m glad to see the medical and sports community being proactive in their research to understand the far reaching consequences of the game as it is played now. They have recently identified a protein that could point to a high risk of degenerative brain disease while the player is alive. Tools like this one could allow us to have a real time understanding of the impact that is sustained during contact sports like football. We’re definitely interested in the data the caps may provide

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