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Drew Brees Says Concussions Are “A Major Issue”

The NFL’s brain injury problem isn’t going away in the off season, and now that they aren’t consumed by practice, games, and travel, the actual players of the sport are getting to speak their opinion on the matter a little more. And by “getting to,” I mean they are being chased down by paparazzi as they try to enjoy their time off.

I never thought I would link anyone to TMZ, but I guess they are using their amazing power to pester celebrities for some sort of good by getting NFL players’ opinions on the state of traumatic brain injury in the NFL. On Wednesday, they caught up to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who said brain injury is “a major issue” for the NFL.

The paparazzi asked Brees “how he feels about all these concussions”, especially after his teammate Junior Seau’s tragic ending, and Brees stated “It’s something that we need to continue to put research [into] and treatment protocols at the forefront to try to find ways to treat guys that have those long-term head and neck injuries when they leave this game. It’s definitely a major issue.”

Brees isn’t the only player to give their two cents during the off season. Last week, Adrian Peterson said he’d never let his son play the game, a statement similar to those made by President Obama almost exactly a month ago, except Peterson’s statement holds a little more weight considering he actually has a son.

I don’t support the paparazzi bothering celebrities when they are trying to relax – Brees appears to be enjoying time on a beach – but at least this person was polite and asked a pertinent question. You can view the video here.

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