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DoD Emphasizes Multidisciplinary Treatment For TBI

There may be some relief for service members who have been through ineffective treatment for traumatic brain injury and other psychological ills. The Department of Defense their four-week intensive treatment program at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence helps treat military personnel on an individual basis.

Veterans hoping to take part in the program must have a case of TBI combined with a co-existing psychological health issue, such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety, according to the press release.

The program, the only one of its kind, approaches each case individually, hoping to tackle in incredibly complex task of treating a patient with more than one overlapping brain condition.

Dr. James Kelly, director of the National Intrepid Center, said, “If you add together all of those things in a person, that’s a very complex human condition,” he said. “It is our job to characterize that complex condition … and its effects on the brain, and look at what works to help them.”

The program combines medical and other perspectives with help from neurologists, therapists, and counselors, using an interdisciplinary approach to deal with a multifaceted health condition.

The complex approach is explained deeper in the press release, as it is as complicated as some of the conditions the program treats, but it highlights the need for multidisciplinary approaches to brain injuries and mental conditions.

Simply focusing on the physical damage or the emotional issues of TBI isn’t enough to treat a person experiencing physical and emotional pain and struggle at the same time.

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