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44.3% of All Canada’s Childhood TBI Cases Are Caused By Hockey

Source: Battle Creek CVB

If you think football is the only sport having major brain injury issues, you haven’t been playing close enough attention to the headlines lately. Soccer, boxing, basketball, and of course, hockey have been dealing with new concussion research coming out amping up our understanding of how dangerous traumatic brain injury is.

Pretty much every Canadian knows that hockey is a rough, dangerous game, but it is still the biggest sport in the country, and many children dream of being a hockey star like many Americans dream of being the next great NBA or NFL player. Some just want to play a fun game with their friends.

Unfortunately, many of those kids are suffering traumatic brain injuries in their pick up games and children’s leagues. Close to half of all childhood traumatic brain injuries needing emergency attention in Canada are caused by hockey, according to a study by researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, which has been published in PLoS ONE.

The study analyzed records from The Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program, which collected information on 13,000 children and teenagers who suffered sports-related concussions from 1990 to 2009.

To see the breakdown of their findings by sport, go to Medical News Today’s report on the study.

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