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Simple Tips To Prevent Brain Injury

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Sport concussions get the majority of the press lately when it comes to brain injuries. High profile stars, billion dollar businesses, and the conflicting emotions about injuries resulting from gladiatorial sports we all enjoy makes for a much more interesting story than the average concussion.

There is also a lot of talk about military brain injury, as we see the real results of war wrecking the lives of brave men and women with no visible injuries.

These are not the majority of traumatic brain injury cases however. In fact, NFL-related TBI is a tiny minority of the brain injuries occurring every year. Many more sports related concussions occur in youth sports, but the actual leading causes of brain injury are falls and vehicle crashes.

These common concussions are less glamorous than professional athletes banging their heads together, but they are also largely preventable with just a few tips such as those shared by The Express.

Taking these ordinary safety precautions, as well as doing things like using handrails on staircases in case you lose balance, can reduce head injury greatly. There will never be any eradication of TBI, as accidents are out of our control, but just a little safety awareness will go a long way.

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  1. I like how you said to make sure you and your family members wear helmets during activities that need one such as cycling, climbing, or skateboarding. My friend is in treatment after a brain injury. Thanks for the tips on preventing a TBI.

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