By On May 14th, 2013

NFL Player Donates Brain Injury Sensor To High School

Source: Jeffrey Beall

More and more recent research shows us that preventing concussions is simply not possible, but we can identify the situations that make brain injury more likely to have happened. Specifically, we can pinpoint just how hard of a hit is too hard.

Some NFL players know this more than others. While some players still downplay the seriousness of traumatic brain injury, many have realized the severity and are putting their influence behind projects aimed at better identifying when TBI may have occurred.

One of these projects is a device called the Shockbox helmet impact sensor, a sensor placed inside a helmet during play, which sends a visual and audio alert via Bluetooth to coaches, parents, and medical staff when a player gets hit harder than the determined safe level.

Laurent Robinson, a wide receiver who has played in the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys during his time in the NFL, has been publicly supporting the Shockbox, and over the weekend he made a charitable gesture towards the his old school in Florida, Rockledge High School by donating sensors to their football team.

Robinson is also a user of the device himself, after suffering four concussions over the span of just one season. “I understand firsthand the need for products that alert me when to get evaluated by my trainer and reduce the risk of repeat injuries,” Robinson said in a press release.


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