By On May 22nd, 2013

The NBA (Finally) Reveals Their Brain Injury Guidelines

Source: Chris Green

Source: Chris Green

Everyone has been interested in the NBA’s concussion policy since it was implemented over 18 months ago, but while to teams all learned to follow a new set of rules, the public wasn’t made aware of the details until now.

After a recent TBI that kept George Hill out of an important playoffs game, Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star requested the policy from the league and was given a summary of their concussion guidelines.

The guidelines are largely what you would expect out of a major sports league. For example, there are rules about the types of testing players must go through if they are suspected of having a brain injury or report symptoms, as well as limitations on what standards players must meet before being cleared to return to the game.

One of the more modern rules the NBA has added is preseason baseline testing which allows health staff to better determine the cognitive abilities of players after accidents. You can read the entire summary of the NBA’s concussion guidelines at NBC Sports.

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