By On June 20th, 2013

Two Brain Biomarkers May Be The Best TBI Indicators

Ever since the first studies started coming out suggesting that biomarkers in the blood may be an effective indicator of traumatic brain injury, researchers have been rushing to collect data for the FDA to approve blood testing as a reputable diagnosis tool. Now a study from The University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that it may be much more effective to measure two brain biomarkers in the blood, not just one.

The study was published in The Journal of Neurotrauma and lead by Jeffrey J. Bazarian, M.D., M.P.H., and associate professor of Emergency Medicine. As reported by News-Medical, Bazarian thinks he is the first to show that measuring two proteins released into the bloodstream after a brain injury is the best method to diagnose mild TBI. Until now, researchers have been focusing on measuring a single protein called S100B.

When researchers analyzed the blood samples of 787 head injury patients and compared them to a control group, they noticed that a second protein called apoA-1 is also indicative of brain injury and when combined with S100B, increases the accuracy of diagnosis.

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