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Prince Johan Frisco of the Netherlands Dies From Brain Injury

Prince Johan Frisco smiling

Prince Frisco in 2008

The Dutch royal family announced the tragic news Monday that Prince Johan Frisco died from complications related to brain injury that occurred during a skiing accident in February 2012. He was 44.

The announcement, via the website for the royal family, says that Frisco spent over a year in hospitals – mostly in the Wellington hospital in London where he resided – before being sent to the Palace Huis ten Bosch in The Hague, the Netherlands in July. According to the Epoch Times, that is where he stayed, in minimal consciousness since November 2012, until his passing.

The short statement also reads: “The Royal family wholeheartedly thanks all persons who have looked after Prince Frisco for their excellent and devoted care.”

Prince Johan Frisco was brother to Willem-Alexander, the king of the Netherlands.

Prince Frisco’s most is most notable in the public for voluntarily forfeiting his right to the throne for love. His marriage to human rights activist Mabel Wisse Smit occurred without the approval of the Dutch government.

His death is a tragedy and surely the royal family will be publicly and privately coping with their loss, but it also shows just how prevalent and indiscriminate brain injury really is. Frisco suffered his brain injury in a skiing accident, similar to how thousands suffer injuries every day. Anyone can suffer brain injury, and immediate proper care is absolutely necessary for the chance of recovery. But, in some sad cases such as this, no amount of quality medical care can heal serious brain injury.

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