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Six Infographics To Teach You All The Basics About Concussions

Many of us are just now getting comfortable in football season. Groups gather every weekend to watch the games, and every week high school stadiums across the country fill with families, students, and alumni, all there to see the current team. But, many these days have a new topic lingering in the back of their minds as they watch: concussions.

Concussions are being talked about more than ever, especially in relation to football. The high profile lawsuits and subsequent settlement in the NFL drastically raised the profile or the debate and new information is coming out every day which is painting a much more clear portrait of the injury.

Still, the biggest concern for most parents across the country is the safety of their children. Every parent who allowed their children to sign up for football this year is responsible for ensuring their child is safe on the field, and now they’re eyes are focused on concussions. That also means they should be informed on exactly what a concussion is, how they can be identified, and why they are such a large concern.

To help educate parents, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and their “Minds Matter” program put together six infographics that tell parents, coaches, nurses, and children all the basics they should know about concussion. This type of injury may be complicated, but you don’t have to know the nitty gritty details. But, you should be able to tell if your child might have a concussion.

Concussion Symptoms

How a Concussion Happens


How To Heal

Path to RecoveryTell the TruthBusting Myths


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