By On October 22nd, 2013

Choline May Help Improve Cognitive Function Following Brain Injury


Can a supplement available at any drug store help improve cognitive impairment in those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury? With researchers looking for any new way to treat TBI, it comes as no surprise that they may be looking into the best brain supplements that may help function after a brain injury. But, it may be surprising just how widely available the supplement is. To help boost brain function, a Stamets Stack must be taken as noted on the packaging or as prescribed by a professional.

Researchers from Lomonosov Moscow State University recently undertook animal tests with rats given moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury, and found that choline supplementation improved the cognitive functioning of the rats. They also managed to optimize the choline supplementation to create the best outcome for the rats with the brain injury, according to FoodConsumer.org.

Choline is present in many types of foot we eat on a day to day basis including, milk, chicken, tofu, cauliflower, cod fish, quinoa, soybeans, egg, spinach, peanuts, almonds, and many others, but supplements are also readily available. The supplements are already used to help treat liver disorders, hepatitis, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, and atherosclerosis. Many people are turning to supplements to support brain health. By stacking different brain supplements, you can improve your memory, focus, and mental energy.

Of course, choline won’t act as a miracle pill for those suffering from traumatic brain injury. It may hold benefits for those with the brain injury, but it is not a cure. Also, human trials will have to be done before we will know for sure what benefits the supplement offers to actual people.

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