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Longboarding Is More Likely To Cause Brain Injuries Than Skateboarding

If you ask the average person whether skateboarding or longboarding is safer, most will answer “longboarding” or “what is a longboard?” Of course, for those who aren’t initiated, longboards are a specific type of skateboard designed to be, you guessed it, longer and supposedly easier to ride. They are differentiated mostly by the size of the board, but longboarders also use their board to “cruise” or simply go from place to place, while skateboards are often associated with tricks and skate parks.

LongboarderIt seems natural then to assume that longboards are the safer option. Riding from place to place seems inherently safer than attempting high flying tricks or spins on a smaller board. But, the short board may actually be safer, at least in some aspects.

LiveScience reports that a new study from researchers at a Brigham Young University found that longboarding may put skaters at a higher risk for severe head injuries than the more traditional skateboard.

The researchers evaluated 824 people from a Utah trauma center with an average age of 19 who were treated for injuries relating to skating between 2006 and 2011. More than half, or 57.5 percent, were injured from longboarding,and the injuries they suffered tended to be more severe. Longboarders were especially at a higher risk of head fracture, TBI, and bleeding within the skull (intracranial hemorrhage).

So what makes longboarding more dangerous than the almost reckless trick sport that is skateboarding? Much can be contributed to environment. While skateboarders often practice in skate parks or relatively open spaces like parking lots, longboarders prefer the open road.

Skating in the road presents a multitude of more dangerous obstacles such as curbs, moving cars, and sign posts. They also tend to attempt stunts such as weaving between obstacles or riding downhill, attempting to reach the fastest speeds. To make it all worse, longboarders are much less likely to wear a helmet.

It is important for skaters to realize the risk that skating in any form presents, and take the proper safety precautions for their risky sports. While we can’t make young skaters stop hopping on fast moving boards, we can ask they recognize the risk and put on a helmet at the very least. Longboarding across a college campus may be less dangerous than shooting down a big hill, but both situations present many opportunities for brain injury which could be avoided with small safety steps.

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  1. Jen says:

    should wear helmet and protective gear to protect yourself

  2. eddiecherron says:

    A helmet is a conventional yet the most important longboard protective gear. Not only in longboarding, but the helmet is used in almost all the adventure sports. You should ensure that the helmet you choose for yourself fits you well and includes the side straps and pads. Fasten your helmet for a snug fit to ensure proper safety as well.

  3. bart says:

    I’m a healthy and strong man, using longboards for groceries, transportation, cruising, anything. You could have asked me any day before last friday and I would have told you a helmet is not necessary for longboarding, if you don’t take risks, like I rolled for many many km’s last year. But then last friday I was put into an ambulance not knowing at all what happened. I had injuries in my face and a brain concussion and a drop of blood around the brains according to the ct scan. I still have no idea or recollection about what actually happened that moment when I went down and couldn’t / didn’t react to prevent this. Luckily all is working out well now I will be fine soon again. But I could have easily died there and then. I wasn’t walking a strong dog on a leash, nor had I been drinking alcohol, nor was I going downhill, nor was I riding fast. If I hop on the board again, I will now wear a helmet every time. It will save my and your life! And doesn’t look cool either 🙂

  4. We all know that longboarding is a very risky. So, you have to be conscious and know about everything before longboarding. So, longboarding techniques are so important to enjoy a better riding.

  5. Jame says:

    It is not safe when riding a longboard like this :). So I think you should wear helmet to protected your head,…

  6. rafiiq says:

    Before I thought as a pro rider, I have no need of the helmet,but after reading your article I need to think twice. Because accident can also occur in my life.

  7. Misa hua says:

    I think we need a helmet is solve a problem

  8. Rahul says:

    Longboarding is enjoyful for riding . But we need a halmet in this riding

  9. linda brown says:

    Not only helmet, you must need other safety gears to protect other parts of your body from injuries. You can get details idea about skateboard/longboard safety gears from: https://skatingguide.joomla.com/12-essential-skateboard-longboard-protective-gears

  10. It does depend on what you’re considering longboarding… For some it means cruise to your local grocery store to pick up some food for others it’s hardcore downhill action, where you’re smashing hills at 70mph. At the later, not wearing a helmet is a suicide…

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