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Dr. Theresa Pape Explores Severe TBI In Short Documentary Series

Yesterday neuro.RAPT, an independent film collaborative group focused on science, medicine, wellbeing, and community, shared the first of a four part bi-weekly “docu-byte” series focused on Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. For those like me a bit confused by the description given by The Chicago Tribune, docu-byte means the same thing as documentary here.

The series is led by Dr. Theresa Pape, a clinical neuroscientist at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital and Research Associate Professor at Northwestern University. Pape covers all of the most common questions about severe TBI within boh the veteran and civilian population in the first ten minute part of the series, beginning with such simple questions as “What is Severe Traumatic Brain Injury?” but it also digs further into the topic, asking how health insurance can affect civilians with severe TBI and what we can do to help those suffering with the injury.

Brain Stem GraphicDr. Pape’s explanations are accompanied by detailed and easy-to-understand illustrations which bring the science to life, and helps to contextualize the information. If you are looking to help someone close to you affected by severe TBI or just looking to better understand the condition, the video is a great starting point. You will gain a lot of facts as well as a better perspective on the broader ways TBI is affecting our society.

The questions covered in the first installment are:

  1. What is Severe Traumatic Brain Injury? (“Severe TBI”)
  2. What are the common causes of Severe TBI?
  3. How many of our veterans have Severe TBI?
  4. Are there secondary damages to these incidences?
  5. How do you know if you have secondary brain damage?
  6. Why is Severe TBI considered a hetergeneous condition?
  7. Where do people with Severe TBI go for care?
  8. How does the health insurance arena affect civilians with Severe TBI?
  9. Is the U.S. medical care and caregiver system set up for Severe TBI?
  10. What can we do as a society to help those who have Severe TBI?

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