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Former Colorado Avalanche Player Steve Moore Founds Concussion Charity

In much of America, specifically the warmer regions, hockey is considered a niche sport and received little coverage. However, while middle-America watches the brain injury drama unfold within professional football, hockey lovers have been watching a parallel story in hockey.

Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi 2004 FightUnsurprising for such an aggressive sport, hockey is plagued by concussions and fans have seen their favorite players fall time and time again to brain injuries. Just ask Steve Moore, the former Colorado Avalanche forward who had his career ended by a concussion that plagues him to this day.

Today, NBC Sports reports Moore announced he has founded The Steve Moore Foundation, a charity focused on “doing everything possible to avoid preventable concussions and similar serious head and neck injuries in sport, and in helping those suffering from such injuries by developing effective treatments.”

In 2004, Moore’s career came to an abrupt end after a particularly violent on-ice attack from then-Vancouver forward Todd Bertuzzi. Moore suffered three fractured vertebrae and a concussion.

“Steve is still in rehabilitation,” Moore’s attorney, Tim Danson, told the Denver Post in October. “He’s being treated for his injuries. It’s been a very, very difficult 10 years. It’s been very frustrating. There you are, having your career ended in your (official) rookie year and your source of income is cut off and you sustain serious injuries.”

Moore is seeking $38 million in damages in a civil suit against Bertuzzi, but he is attempting to use what he learned about brain injuries from his story to help prevent others from suffering serious brain injuries.

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