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U.S. Snowboarder and Daredevil Trevor Jacob Says He’s Had 25 Concussions

Most people will fess up to having suffered a concussion at some point in their life, or being close to someone who has. While the most common place to look for those who have suffered concussions in the past is in athletics, the majority of mild brain injuries are actually caused by falls and car accidents.

Source: Dew Tour

Source: Dew Tour

The difference is that when the average person gets a concussion in a car wreck, they avoid situations that will put them at risk for the future. When an athlete suffers the same injury, they tend to focus on getting back to action as soon as possible. This is why many football and extreme sports stars admit to having double-digit concussion histories by the later part of their career. Few will admit to having as many as Trevor Jacob however.

American snowboarder Trevor Jacob is only 20-years-old, yet he says he has suffered at least 25 brain injuries in that span of time; more than one for each year he has been alive.

It is widely accepted that snowboarders are at heightened risk for catastrophic brain injuries and concussions, especially with the attention brought by Kevin Pearce and the documentary The Crash Reel, but Jacob’s admission during a press conference earlier this month still shocked all in attendance. The number of injuries also explains why Trevor says he doesn’t “remember a whole lot”.

It is notable that not all of Trevor Jacob’s injuries come from snowboarding. Jacob also participates in Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus, a daredevil show based around death-defying stunts. Jacob tempts regularly tempts fate with a chair lift, a skateboard, and a dirt bike, as well as his trusty snowboard.

But, how ethical is it to allow Trevor to continue to compete? Before the legal drinking age, Trevor Jacob is open about having memory problems and seems destined to encounter severe problems in later ages. We know some people will always be drawn to adrenaline and danger, but at what point does the audience become responsible for allowing a 20-year-old to severely damage his brain as a career?

For an example of one of Trevor’s stunts he pulls in his free time, view the video below:

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