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Oklahoma Teen is Defying Expectations By Recovering From His Brain Injury

While the biggest headlines about traumatic brain injuries focus on huge organizations such as the NFL or the number of veterans returning from war with brain injuries, it is easy to forget that the majority of TBI cases don’t happen inside these highly publicized stories. The majority of traumatic brain injuries and concussions are actually caused by more coomon accidents such as car crashes and falls.

Source: Facebook

Christian and Kim Mayberry
Source: Facebook

Christian Mayberry suffered his brain injury while riding an ATV in Sequoyah County last September. The Oklahoma teen’s doctors were unsure he would live. Kim Mayberry, Christian’s mother, was told Christian suffered from a severe lack of oxygen to the brain following his injury and there were no indications he would come back.

But, even in the face of doubt Kim never lost faith. As she told KJRH, “you just believe.” Less than 6 months later, that confidence is starting to pay off.

Christian turned 17 yesterday, and in the days leading up to his birthday Christian made huge improvements. After months in hospitals and rehab, enduring a coma and three surgeries as well as being placed on a ventillator, Christian has started to talk again. He was even able to give his family kisses and stand for the first time since his injury, though standing requires still requires help.

Of course, Christian’s trials aren’t over. Speaking and moving are only the first steps in the long road to recovery and a potentially normal lifestyle. But, Christian’s mother believes whole-heartedly in him. “He’s got a lot of work ahead of him, but he’s doing it right now,” she said.

His life won’t ever be the same, but with the strong support behind him it seems likely Christian will make a faster recovery than many who endure similar injuries.

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