By On April 1st, 2014

Local Group Calls For An Update To Oklahoma’s Concussion Legislation

Before the NFL and the media brought the concussion debate into the homes of families across the country, Oklahoma was one of the first states to pass legislation mandating concussion treatment and management plans for high school athletes.

Oklahoma MapThat was just a few years ago, back in 2010. At the time, the legislation was widely approved of by the medical community, as it addressed the most pressing concerns of the time. But, a lot has been discovered in such a short time.

Now, a local group led by Lauren Long and Jeff McKibben are pushing for an update to the state’s concussion legislation that would put us closer in line with the latest scientific findings and more recent concussion policies being signed into law in other states.

The current legislation is simple. It’s main tenant is that an athlete suffering from symptoms of a concussion during a game must be remove and cannot return to play until cleared by a licensed medical professional.

The new legislation is roughly six times as long as the current policies signed into law. For a full breakdown of the points included in the bill, head over to NewsOK. They spoke with Lauren Long and got an explanation of all the key aspects of the proposal.

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