By On April 18th, 2014

How Long Does Postconcussive Syndrome Last?

Without fail, one of the first questions any person diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury asks is when they will be better. It is natural to want to know how long it takes to heal, but unfortunately brain injuries aren’t so straightforward. While some people may bounce back from a mild traumatic brain injury in about a week, there are others who are out of commission for over a month while they heal.

To make this even worse, some concussion patients must suffer through postconcussive syndrome, which drags the symptoms of brain injuries out significantly. When these symptoms hang around for month after month, it can become cause for alarm, but correspondent for TwinCities.com, Keith Roach, M.D., urges patience.

You can gain a better idea of what to expect when you begin struggling through prolonged brain injury recoveries by reading Roach’s answer here. The uncertainty and slow healing associated with postconcussive syndrome can be disheartening, but it important to take everything as slowly as you need and to let your brain actually heal.

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