By On April 23rd, 2014

New App Helps Medical Professionals Predict TBI Mortality Risk

While the market is being flooded with apps intended to help diagnose traumatic brain injuries as quickly and accurately as possible, Hyperexis has released an app called TBI Prognosis which offers a unique function many health professionals may find helpful.
The app calculates the predicted mortality for traumatic brain injury patients at 14 days and 6 months after the injury.

photo-4-225x400The app combines mathematical models and data from numerous published articles which are cited within the app. This way, medical professionals can make more informed predictions for a patient’s future based on the most recent and well-respected findings.

iMedicalApps reviewed the app, available only in the Apple App Store, and they report the app has a very simple interface which allows users to easily input information. The app includes question marks next to each input value, so that users may get more information. For example, when you inquire about the input for whether the patient is from a high income country, a list of qualifying countries appear.

Once you have input information in all of the slots, the app calculates an estimated mortality risk, while also offering a documentation section that briefly describes how the result was reached.

The app is free, and Jay Agarwal – who tested the app for iMedicalApps – reports it could be a powerful tool in the hands of medical professionals. As he explains, “It is a great tool to allow healthcare workers to incorporate evidence based medicine into their clinical work.”

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