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Acquired Savant Syndrome Baffles and Intrigues Us All

Source: Fast Company

Source: Fast Company

The majority of traumatic brain injuries (including concussions) heal quickly and leave little to no lasting damage if handled appropriately. The rest of brain injuries tend to vary between moderately severe to extremely severe, with health ramifications to match. But, every once in a very rare while, brain injuries bring out something that the injured person never knew they had in them.

Acquired savant syndrome has been written about extensively, though very little is understood about exactly how an average person can become an amazing artist, musician, or mathematical genius from a hit to the head. Currently, the best guess of researchers and scientists who have studied acquired savant syndrome is that more neural connections are made during the healing processes of these cases allowing for seemingly superhuman capabilities to appear.

While we don’t know much about how acquired savant syndrome works, we do know that every case of it is absolutely fascinating.

Medical Daily recently profiled four cases where individuals with brain injuries discovered they had a new and unexplained talent. You have likely heard of at least one of these individuals, but each person discovered different talents they can’t explain and they all have a unique story that needs to be told.

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  1. Joshua says:

    I was kicked very hard in the head that my jaw was snapped off with my lower mandible I believe that I see in fractals. I have told people for years now that I see the world in a graph and now I know what it is. is there anything that can help me to know other than the sculptures and paintings and pictures I do.

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