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What Causes Personality Changes After Brain Injuries?

Personality changes can be one of the most difficult symptoms for both brain injury sufferers and their loved ones to accept and manage. Brain injuries are associated with problems such as aggression, agitation, non-compliance, and depression, which are all enough on their own to greatly hamper one’s life.

These issues can be improved and easier handled with the help of counseling, but it still takes time and patience to come to terms with these changes and to learn to control them. To make matters worse, we understand very little about what causes these changes in personality after brain injuries.

However, researchers are hard at work exploring potential causes and explanations for brain injury-related personality changes, and a new report from Harvey E. Jacobs, PhD, claims to offer some previously unknown insight into this life-altering issue.

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  1. Laurel says:

    My brother received a TBI after being hit by a car and thrown twenty feet in the air, and landing head first on a curb. This was almost two years ago. He has not worked since and refuses to accept that he has any problems. He was a professor and tends to believe that he and only himself knows what’s going on. I am unable to care for him any longer and don’t know what to do.

    • angela says:

      Laurel have you asked for help from a supportive community in the care of your brother? And if your brother has isolated himself by saying that he and only he knows what’s going on have you explained to him; “that you would like to know what is going on because you do not want him to be isolated too much as the separation of isolation has created a distance in the relationship that (may be/is) painful”? and that you love him because he is your brother xoxo
      I have two brothers. xoxoo

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