By On August 1st, 2014

Football Isn’t The Only Sport That Puts Student-Athletes At Risk For Concussions

Womens SoccerWith all the media attention on brain injuries within football, many parents are understandably cautious about letting their children sign up for the team this year. Instead, they may be searching for safer alternatives with less risk of concussions or brain trauma.

Unfortunately, finding a sport free from the specter of concussions may be more difficult than you think.

While football is the sport most responsible for brain injuries among school-age athletes according to a 2011 study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are several other sports which see their fair share of concussions.

“Concussion can occur in any sport where you’re going to sustain a blow to the head. So, whether it’s hockey, football, cheerleading, soccer, all of the sports can potentially cause concussion, now some sports are more prone to it because that is the nature of the sport,” said Dr. Charles Bernick with the Cleveland Clinic.

Football gets the top spot, but hockey isn’t far behind. Soccer is also a high risk sport for brain injuries, however concussions are more prevalent in girls soccer than in boy’s. Cheerleading is also considered a high risk sport, with nearly 20 percent of all cheerleading injuries involving brain injuries.

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