By On August 18th, 2014

Get Ready For The Fall Sports Season By Learning The Signs Of Concussions

It won’t be long before countless families across the nation will start spending every Friday in the stands watching their local high school football team. Many are there to support their school and town, but there are parents and siblings watching their children from the sidelines as well. Given the recent coverage of brain injuries in football it is understandable that many of these families are already worried as we approach the football season.

While we can’t be on the field or directly on the sidelines to protect our children out on the field, there are a few things parents and coaching staff can do to keep young athletes safe. By educating yourself about the signs and symptoms of concussions and traumatic brain injuries you can be ready in case your child suffers a brain injury.

Concussions are relatively common in sports, but the largest concerns are about the risk of athletes suffering multiple brain injuries in a short period of time. While recent studies suggest singular brain injuries can have long-term impacts, it is the repeated concussions which present the highest risk for significant disability or even death.

If your child is participating in contact sports, including other sports such as hockey or soccer, it is important to keep an eye out for any signs of a brain injury. As a parent, you know your child best and you might notice small warning signs that others may miss. If you see any of the following signs and symptoms, take action to ensure your child is checked for a brain injury and treated if necessary.


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