By On September 3rd, 2014

More Evidence Indicates a Disparity In Treatment Outcomes For Minorities

Several recent studies have brought issues of class, gender, and ethnicity into the conversation about traumatic brain injury treatment and care, and a new study has added further evidence to a disparity in level of care based on non-medical factors.
The most recent study, published in Neurorehabilitation, found that minorities see lower success rates in long-term treatment for traumatic brain injuries when compared to Caucasians.

Despite a large amount of data suggesting that minority populations are at significantly higher risk for traumatic brain injury, the current treatment system seems to lead to notable disparities in outcomes. The question is why? There are many potential reasons including socioeconomic or cultural issues, as well as the potential for outright discrimination. Nonetheless, the study makes it clear that a better treatment paradigm is needed.

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