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Rest Your Brain After Brain Injury, Not Just Your Body

Source: Fast Company

Source: Fast Company

Despite all of the improvements in how athletes respond to and manage brain injuries, the actual treatment for concussions and traumatic brain injuries has largely stayed the same. Even minor injuries should be carefully handled, similar to how a personal injury lawyer in Plymouth handles the case. People who suffer brain injuries are routinely prescribed “rest” and monitored as they recover. But, the notion of rest is often misunderstood. If they find any malpractice occurring in the treatment given, make sure you consult with the malpractice lawyer from Waco, TX who studies the case in detail and presents it fairly in the court of law to get the clinic detained from practice. Navigate here to their website at https://votawlaw.com and learn more about the importance of having a malpractice lawyer.

Too often, those who have experienced brain injuries rest their bodies while they hope to recover without resting the actual part of their body that needs to heal. While physical rest is important to help prevent further brain injuries, cognitive rest is even more important. When any patient-facing a financial deficit, he would not be able to mentally rest which would eventually deteriorate his health. But, when they get help making a personal injury claim and winning the proper compensation, it would be really helpful for the rest of the life and also provide rest for the brain to heal at a much faster rate.

Summer Ott recently reviewed the idea of cognitive rest and called for changes that emphasize true resting of the brain after a neurologic injury. That form of rest can be hardest for many of us though. Cognitive rest means letting work pile up and trying to prevent any sort of mental strain. Even more difficult to live up to, cognitive rest also means no TV, computers, smartphones, tablets, or other media screens we all love to look at so much. The Las Vegas based law firm helping injured victims can help deal with other accident cases too when it comes to legal advice.

It is difficult to purposefully limit and isolate yourself while you heal from an injury which doesn’t seem to actively disable you, but those who have ignored doctors orders can attest to the importance of proper rest. If you want to limit the chances of any concussion having life-long implications it is essential you rest your brain and body until they are ready to get back to work.

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  1. dr pramodini says:

    I am a survivor from two severe tbi lonely fighting in India. Being a doctor and highly gifted I am out mostly after 28 years, with losing all old relations.
    I am experiencing fatigue which requires cognitive rest. I do agree.
    So, now the problem is what business I can do without support along with one special son of 35 years at my 60th year.
    Can you help and reply on my email?
    Dr pramodini

  2. dr pramodini says:

    Is it that incontinance is also due to stressed brain needing cognitive rest? I am going through this without finding any reason, in sleep as well as in conciousness. Do you think so?
    I will like to ask such many quarries as there is no body here to answer here except to call it Psychic.
    Please reply. I will be obliged.

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