By On October 3rd, 2014

University of Michigan Concussion Scandal Highlights Changing Attitudes About Brain Injuries

Image courtesy of NYmag.com

Image courtesy of NYmag.com

Concussions in football are far from abnormal, and it isn’t unheard of for athletes to continue competing after suffering a brain injury on the field. A few years ago, it is likely that the events happening at the University of Michigan ever the past week would have been a non-issue. Instead it represents the quickly changing attitudes about brain injuries in the sport.

It all started Saturday, when University of Michigan coach Brady Hoke decided to leave quarterback Shane Morris in a game after suffering what was immediately believed to be a brain injury. In the past, decisions to “fight through the pain” might have been celebrated, but instead fans are calling for the firing of Hoke and significant changes to protect athlete safety.

Forbes explores the story in depth in an article by Dan Diamond, but all evidence shows that we are reaching a tipping point in sports where proper concussion management and preventative steps are no longer optional.

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