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Brain Injury Puts Young Mississippi Football Player In Critical Condtion

Peyton Flowers in his Facebook Photo

Peyton Flowers in his Facebook Photo

You might expect the collision that puts a football player in critical condition to be something remarkable or notable, but those watching Mississippi senior Peyton Flowers play last week don’t remember anything out of the ordinary before Flowers asked to be taken off the field to sit out a few plays in the third quarter.

“He came off for the extra point and asked, ‘Coach, can I get a break on the next series of defense?’ ” Loyd Star coach Adam Cook told USA Today. “He went and sat on the bench and we gave him some water.”

After being seated on the sideline, Flowers was treated by a trainer who signaled to the coach that the senior football player was in no condition to return to the field. Shortly after, Flowers went unconscious and an ambulance was called.

Doctors found subdural hematoma, or an indication of blood outside of the brain often associated with traumatic brain injuries, which was treated in an emergency procedure Saturday to relieve increasing pressure on Flowers’ brain. The teen is now in a medically induced coma.

While Flowers’ situation is uncommon in football, it is a sad reminder that even a single brain injury can be catastrophic even if the hit that caused it isn’t.

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