By On November 4th, 2014

Is The Proposed NFL Concussion Settlement as Good as It Sounds?

Brain injury professionals have been highly critical of the latest proposed settlement between the NFL and the former players suffering from the debilitating after-effects of exposing themselves to repeated brain injuries, but the deal looks almost generous on the surface. How can so many people be so strongly against an “uncapped” settlement which claims to provide compensation for the large majority of struggling former players?

Vice Sports reporter Patrick Hruby breaks down how the settlement has gone off track and why the NFL has earned an awful reputation when it comes to their approach to managing brain injuries.

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  1. NFL says:

    Hey! Brain injury is one of the most serious injury that you can mention. You may not feel nothing in few days after a minor Concussion, but it takes months sometimes even years to get it worse. So, yes they have to be very careful out there and play it safe.

  2. NewsSports says:

    It is unfortunate that the NFL has not had the greatest interest in trying to create strategic campaigns to mitigate such injuries in players. I understand that the factor money has been the main reason for the commissioner not to solve that problem that is affecting each of the players of the NFL.

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