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What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?


Just about everyone has at least heard of concussions, but far fewer are aware of post-concussion syndrome. The disorder is generally diagnosed when concussion symptoms such as headaches and dizziness linger for weeks or even months after an injury, but understandings of what cause the condition are less clear. Some have even suggested the condition may be more psychologically based than the biologically rooted traditional concussion symptoms.

It isn’t uncommon for post-concussion syndrome symptoms to not present themselves immediately, but like the typical concussion symptoms, they usually appear within the first seven to 10 days. Unlike the average concussions however, symptoms can last between two to three months up to a full year after the injury.

Symptoms of post-concussive syndrome nearly identical to those of the typical concussion, however they are notably prolonged and suggest more extensive damage. They include:

In a relatively limited number of cases, those who are experiencing post-concussion syndrome report behavior or emotional changes, and may behave more aggressive, irritable, stubborn, or suspicious in the time after the injury.

While we have come to easily recognize the symptoms of brain injuries and post-concussion syndrome, our understanding of the causes is much more limited. It is unclear why some individuals with concussions develop post-concussion symptoms and other do not, especially as no link has been found with the severity of the injury.

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  1. tasha says:

    I was in bad accident oct.2 2015. I found out later that
    I had post concussive syndrome. Trying to
    Find answers to why all of a sudden one night
    I had bad pain run down right side of head and body
    And tried to talk but nothing came out. Since then
    I keep having problems when my brain freezes or my
    Head gets over hot. What can I do to regain normal
    Speech or is it perminant. I go sometimes a week
    Without being able to talk at all and I’m scared that
    My brain injury may be permanant. Please help me
    To understand how I can get through this.

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