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Tracy Morgan’s Future Uncertain Following Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Tracy Morgan appears upbeat leaving a rehabilitation facility in July.  Image credit: RICHARD HARBUS/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEW

Tracy Morgan appears upbeat leaving a rehabilitation facility in July. Image credit: Richard Harbus/New York Daily News

When Tracy Morgan left the hospital following a tragic traffic accident in early June, it appeared most of his wounds had healed. As he left a rehabilitation center, he told onlookers “I’m okay. I feel strong.” But, now it appears some less visible injuries are still plaguing the actor and comedian.

Morgan’s lawyer said on Tuesday that Tracy Morgan suffered a severe traumatic brain injury during the vehicle accident and his career and future are unclear, suggesting Tracy may never be “the Tracy Morgan he once was.”

“He’s fighting to get better, and if there’s a chance for him to be back to the Tracy Morgan he once was, he’s going to try to do that,” Benedict Morelli, Morgan’s attorney, told the Associated Press. “But we just don’t know because of the severity of the injuries that he sustained and the fact that he had such a severe brain injury.”

The actor, best known for his roles on “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock” was riding in a limo bus with several other comedians late on June 7, when the limo was rear-ended by a Wal-Mart tractor-trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike. The crash killed comedy writer James “Jimmy Mack” McNair.

Traffic accidents are one of the main causes of brain injuries for individuals of all ages, and it is terrible to watch a beloved entertainer go though the pain of a severe brain injury. However, Morgan serves as a reminder of all of the individuals who suffer similar injuries every day. His road to rehabilitation may be long and difficult, but there is still significant chance of recovery.

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  1. Katy says:

    I believe Tracy Morgan will be back but with a new style. I hope he doesn’t give up as his injury
    is new to him. Once he has adjusted to it he’ll be able to change the things he doesn’t like about his different self. I suffered a TBI 25 years ago and just ran my 31st half marathon in 2:17. I had a sense of empowering myself and was very focused. It think Tracy will have these same attributes and will be a better & stronger Tracy.

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