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Important Facts You Should Know About Traumatic Brain Injury and Alcohol Use

Between 30-50% of all traumatic brain injuries are linked to alcohol use, and estimated suggest up to two-thirds of individuals who experience TBI have a history of alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, this also means a large number of those individuals continue drinking after their injury, which can be incredibly detrimental for the recovery process.

After a traumatic brain injury, the brain is highly sensitive. That means it is also more sensitive to alcohol and drinking again puts you at a considerably higher risk of re-injuring yourself. Drinking also increases the odds of experiencing emotional problems related to TBI such as depression and experiencing a prolonged or poor recovery.

Along with these issues, Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center – a national center devoted to educating the public about TBI, spinal cord injury, and burn injuries –shared several other important facts related to alcohol use and brain injury:

Alcohol and Brain Injury Recovery

Alcohol, Brain Injury and Seizures

Alcohol and the Risk of Having Another Brain Injury

Alcohol and Mental Functioning

Alcohol and Mood

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  1. LaTonya Boyd says:

    I live with a alcoholic person who has a brain injury, ptsd and bipolar. He is not taking any medication because he drinks 2 to 3 pints of straight vodka every day. He has no desire to stop drinking and he is a veteran and has been to the VA many times but it seems like he can’t stop drinking. I’m very concerned about him and his recovery. Any suggestions.

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