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Can Goggles Show Healthy People What a Concussion Is Like?

Concussions may be one of the most common brain injuries on the planet, but countless people will never experience what it feels like to have a brain injury. One company is working to change that.

concussion-goggles-jpgNo, the company isn’t attempting to give everyone alive a brain injury. Instead Innocorp has designed a set of goggles they believe will help people understand what a concussion feels like and what the symptoms are.

“One thing you experience is the disconnect in vision right away. One eye will see one thing and the other eye will see another. What results is a sense of disorientation, confusion and if you keep wearing the goggles you will experience some nausea,” said Tim Jorgensen, who works in product development and support at Innocorp.

The goggles are intended to act as part of a larger education program that includes several activities and educational materials to teach children the symptoms of concussions and how to safely recover from a brain injury. However, the company says it is marketing the concussion goggles for youth of a variety of ages including high school students.

“We have a variety of customers. We have school resource officers that want to get in the door early with kids. You know they don’t want to wait until fifth or sixth grade. This is a great opportunity for them to come in and do some helmet safety. Kids ride their bikes to school. It is a good way to bring that up,” said Deb Kusmec, product development manager and chief operating officer at Innocorp.

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