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Former Colts Player Shares What It Is Like To Get A TBI In The NFL

Before 2010, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Austin Collie was set to become a leading player for the NFL team, but a series terrible concussions between 2010 and 2012 instead made Collie the face of the NFL’s “concussion crisis.”

Austin Collie in 2010 Source: Jeffrey Beall

Austin Collie in 2010
Source: Jeffrey Beall

The brain injuries ended Collie’s career in football, but today he works as a care coordinator and director of business development for a concussion clinic in Utah.

Collie’s story may seem like an isolated story of unfortunately severe injuries, but it is becoming increasingly common for NFL players to be forced to walk away after repeated brain injuries.

To help raise awareness of the reality of brain injuries in the NFL, Collie recently gave a first-person account of what it is like to have your life changed by brutal traumatic brain injuries, what he has learned from his experiences, and how he is fighting to improve how athletes manage concussions.

Collie set down with Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon to tell his story, recently. Read it here.

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